IO3 Customization modules for the MREs

Modules design based on existing curricula and gaps to be filled in , customized either to installation and maintenance of Wind and tidal turbines.

Some curricula concern inland wind turbines installation and maintenance . In France, there exists a higher education diploma (BTS) dealing with the maintenance of inland wind turbines. Gaps have to be filled in for the specificity of Offshore wind turbines and Tidal turbines. Scotland has started working on the specificity of tidal and offshore issues. In Wintid transnational training experts will work with companies to create three 3 customized modules, the work will be shared between our training institutions: a decision will be made over the creation of mixed nationality group or national groups: the criteria for the main decision will be   efficiency to guarantee the quality of the work , most of them being Elearning either in installation and maintenance. They are to be used in blended pathways in the framework of joint training approach with companies in keeping with specific tools to facilitate workbase learning. The modules are to be introduced in mainstream pathways . They could also be used to upskill work force in ongoing pathways for employees of the trade or unemployed people wishing to integrate the trade. An option which will be open through the work undertaken in commmon between the three organisations , will be the opportunity to approach the ECVET system and see how the qualification gained could possibly be certified through this system.