IO2 Crosscutting module

Learning tools mostly elearning to be used in blended learning in the English language regarding crosscutting competence for the trades involved in installation and maintenance of installation and maintenance within wind and tidal turbines industry.

One module based on the identification of awareness / knowledge and competence, soft skills hard skills to be shared in by all technicians involved either in installation and maintenance of Wind and tidal turbines. This module will be an experimental piloting tool prior to the production of customized modules and it could also be an introductory course to the marine renewable energy issue. The work is to be undertaken by training experts and companies who will design typical joint training (alternance), most of it will be available in Elearning in English which is the communication language of the trade whatever the country. the module will be experimented in pathways which include work experience abroad (internships).

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Module 4 – Blade repair

Illustration_blade repair

Module 5 – Working at height

5.1 PPE Presentation and inspection


WT5_ PPE presentation and inspection

5.2 Mast Climbing

WT5_ Mast Climbing

5.3 Notifying emergency services

WT5_ NOtifying emergency services

5.4 Automatic descent device

WT5_ Automatic descent device

5.5 Système de liaison (in french for now)

WT5_ PPE systeme de liaison