eLearning Modules

Below you will find the modules produced during the project for offshore wind turbine maintenance technicians.

1. Energy challenges
2. Energy – transformation and transportation

Offshore Windfarm Engineer:
1. Sea Environment
2. Risk Management
3. Maintenance and profitability

Blade repair and maintenance:
Blade repair

Working at Heights:
0. YouTube playlists (videos in French, subtitles in French or English)
1. PPE Presentation and inspection
2. Mast Climbing
3. Notifying Emergency Services
4. Automatic Descent Device
5. Fall Arrest System

Project Management:
1. Project management fundamentals
2. Project Initiation and Planning
3. Managing a Project
4. Controlling Projects
5. Project Closure

1. General
2. Clouds
3. Forecast
4. Waves
5. Prospect
(All 5 modules built into one module)

Safety at sea
1. Safety equipment
2. Communications at sea
3. Risks and dangers

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Module 4 – Blade repair

Illustration_blade repair

Module 5 – Working at height

5.1 PPE Presentation and inspection

WT5_ PPE presentation and inspection

5.2 Mast Climbing

WT5_ Mast Climbing

5.3 Notifying emergency services

WT5_ NOtifying emergency services

5.4 Automatic descent device

WT5_ Automatic descent device

5.5 Fall Arrest System