Impact for project partners


Our partnership with companies and ONEM is to enable us to have a VET offer more in keeping with the industry requirements. It is for us a unique experience for a VET organisation to work with two other European networks which accompany the creation and development of marine renewable energies in our region. This should have an important impact on participants and on ultimate beneficiaries who will take advantage of a European work experience scheme and develop both soft and hard skills.



The impact for ESP and Dundee and Angus College is that its member colleges will be bettter placed to offer programmes that better meet industry’s skills needs and better prepare the local workforce for jobs across the sectors supporting economic development.



For the college a participation in this type of project will promote renewable energy, foreign language learning, European citizenship and engineering and electrical education and training. We have some local vocational guidance activities with our general secondary school which could inspire pupils into VET . In these projects we work closely with local enterprises and use their engineers as tutors. MRE is not fully developped and little is done to address the training requirement of the sector, our goal is to be at the forefront of training for this industry and train our future workforce and widen the scope of their employability through transnational mobilty backed up by innovative training pathways. It is our ambition to promote our school as “renewable” and able to meet and adjust out education offers to the needs of local enterprises and changing requirements in society. We hope that we will be able to give our pupils a European dimension in their education and motivate them for further studies in this field. The pupils involved would most certainly be pupils from our succesful apprentice ship TAF: .Our collaborating enterprises could learn form the experience in other countries and discover new markets.


For the three partening organisation the development of a mobity scheme for our learners is of great importance to develop both soft and hard skills . The industry requires highly trained work force on the technical side but also open minded and having gained specific social skills , the industry beeing innovative and needing strongly motivated personnel.