Expected project outputs

The project will commit a team of teachers from our three countries who will work with companies to create a training design in the shape of a piloting module crosscutting to all the trades of the industry and 3 modules customized to MREs tested and assessed in pathways for VET students (level 4) and higher education students (level 5), including work experience in MRE companies in France and Scotland. Before the setting up of the training design relevant choice will be made through the mapping of competence identified in current curricula and gaps to be filled in. In order to have an acccurate mapping we will scrutinize the outcome of previous European projects. Several transnational meeting will be the landmarks of the production and will gather the team of teachers .

The modules created will be introduced in the pathways of students based on joint training with companies, therefore we will also produce a common toolkit to support workbase learning in a foreign environment.

The final event will be the opportunity to present the guidebook which will collect case studies of pathways , the content of our training design and mapping of curricula.