Dissemination event at Knarvik

Monday June 19th 2017:

9th-grade students attended a day at Knarvik Vidaregåande Skule to learn about the Winds and Tides-project, work with elements of renewable energy and entrepreneurship; and get a tour of the school. After an introduction and presentation of Winds and Tides the students were given a group exercise. Each group got one of these tasks: 1) design of turbine blades, 2) construction and test of towers made of straw and binders; and 3) egg-drop construction linked to working at heights.

Teachers and advisors also attended the event. At the end of the day there was a session discussing how the renewable energy market affects our region and the students opportunities for work placement. We also talked about how schools at different levels can cooperate to give all students better understanding of the vocational educations at Knarvik Vidaregåande skule.